Responsible operations


Tahmoor Coking Coal takes its responsibility to manage its operations very seriously. As a member of the GFG Alliance, 'sustainability' is one of our core values.

Tahmoor Coking Coal reports its environmental management and performance through Annual Review/Annual Environmental Management Reports.

The reports include management and performance updates on key aspects of environmental management, which include:

  • noise
  • air quality
  • biodiversity
  • Aboriginal cultural and historical heritage
  • erosion and sediment control
  • bushfire management
  • mine subsidence
  • natural heritage
  • water management
  • rehabilitation; and
  • weeds

Environmental management plans

Tahmoor's Environmental Management System (EMS) Framework outlines how Tahmoor Coking Coal manages environment and community aspects, impacts and performance.

It provides a framework for the standards, plans and procedures implemented to ensure operations are managed in accordance with the ISO:14001 principles.

Key documents